Getting started on jogging: a beginner’s guide

We previously talked about why jogging is such an optimal hobby and health activity to be consistently doing. If you still have doubts about why you should be jogging, do read that post I linked to. If, on the other hand, you have already joined us and are willing to get started right away or in the near future, this post is your guide.

What do we need?

Right off, we need to discuss what kinds of material and accessories we need. Truthfully, if you are really just looking for a vanilla version of the jogging experience, all you really need are:

  • A pair of decent running shoes; do not bother getting the most expensive ones, as the regular ones are much more affordable and provide basically all of the same benefits
  • An area to jog in: this can be either your local neighborhood, a few blocks around your house, a gym where they have a running track or a treadmill, or a treadmill right at your house. Notice how I listed each area by affordability; running around the block is the cheapest and most convenient, while purchasing a good treadmill costs hundreds to a thousand dollars (I especially love that forum thread I linked to because the first post talks about how jogging outside is free!)

    jogging as a sport - getting started
    Anyone can start jogging. You only really need 2 essential things. The others, you can do without.

What are optional items?

The above is all you really need to start jogging. That and, of course, the will to do it, which we assume you have since you have been on this blog a while, and hopefully subscribed too (add this feed to your blog reader to do so)!

  • Music, audiobook, or podcast player. Your smartphone will come incredibly handy for something like jogging. It can play music, it can play audiobooks (seriously, invest in these if you are interested in reading while not actually reading; it is a huge time saver and makes running so much funner), and it can play podcasts. Simply launch up your music player, audiobook player, or something like TuneIn Radio or Caster for your Android or iPhone device and listen away!
  • Earphones. Keep it simple here. You do not need “sport” or “running” earphones. Those are basically gimmicks. A standard set of earbuds will do the trick, but with that said, you still want a pair that will stick to your ears when you move. There is truly nothing more annoying than having to adjust your buds while you focus on running
  • A phone band. If you intend to listen to anything while jogging, a phone band might come in handy. Basically, it is a strap that you can put your smartphone in, and it gets out of the way when you run. If you want to keep it more simple, ladies often place their smartphone in their bra and men usually just keep it in their pocket.
  • A treadmill. This really is optional, and should not be taken as a recommendation. Like the thread above said, running outside is totally free and provides the same benefits. This is really only for people that have the funds to do so or wants the convenience of being able to workout where you live. Keep in mind the large costs of purchasing a treadmill, though.
  • Water bottle. If you plan on running for a long time in a single session, bringing along a water bottle will prove useful. If you plan on running for the long term, like every other day for the next few months or so, it might be economically and financially better for you to purchase a plastic or aluminum water bottle to fill up. It will last longer and cost less.

Well, that is it to start jogging. We listed everything you need to truly get a start on this fantastic hobby of ours, as well as some things you do not actually need and can do without, but are useful to take on your journey.

Remember to keep it simple, everyone! Jogging is one of the simplest sports today and bringing an entire backpack of things for a 30 minute or 1 hour jog is doing yourself a disservice.

Happy jogging!


The real benefits of running on a treadmill

A video a came across the other day mentioned some effects on running on a treadmill. I have embedded the post below. I became inspired by the video to make a post of the real benefits, not some of the false facts the lady states in it. Don’t get me wrong, most of these benefits are very real and treadmill running is good. However, I just do not believe that treadmill running will build muscle. Lifting weights (ie. squats, deadlifting) will build muscle around your legs. But running, regardless of whether you do it at a park or a treadmill, will only be good for toning muscles and burning calories.

Jogging for toning

We already understand the benefits of jogging and understand that it indeed is good for our health. One thing people miss on jogging is that it is truly a great body toner. The simple fact is, when you jog or run, your muscles are getting stronger and preparing for a jogging to tone bodyleaner body. This is because it is trying to adjust to your own schedule, the intensity you are putting it through. So in this way, muscles start to get tighter and stronger, while maintaining more stamina, which all of course blends into a toned body. We all want a toned body, regardless of whether you are male or female, and jogging is a great way to start.

Some things to note about jogging for toning:

  • You absolutely need a lower body fat percentage. If you are a little on the heavy side and you have some fat in your gut, work on getting rid of that first. At this point, jogging will only be beneficial in terms of cutting that fat off. Your muscles will not look any more toned than they do now.
  • You need to jog on a regular basis. Jogging once a week will hardly do any good, even if you already have a prime body fat count.
  • Treadmill or sidewalk does not matter. It is all preference.

There you have it! If you have pictures you would like to send to us to show your progress, hit up our Contact Page! We love to see progress and with your permission, we would love to post some here.

Interval training on a treadmill

A day or so ago, we detailed a post about how jogging is extremely beneficial in several different ways, specifically providing a high-calorie burning workout that does not stress the heart or lungs like high-intensity training workouts do.
However, a lot of you found that you are in fact capable of doing high-intensity training and wanted to involve that in your own routines since it, too, has some significant benefits to your health, but for very different reasons.
The above video outlines a simple training workout for using a treadmill. It is a quick one, perfect for when you are having an off-day at home and just want to work up a sweat before a shower or to supplement your workout at the gym.

Why jog?

I do not want to start this post by saying jogging and running are the same thing. Jogging is less intense and burns people out much less than running does. Running, however, burns more calories and if you are into that, then definitely get in.

We prefer jogging because it simply is easier and requires much less motivation. Also, it simply is fun to do. You can make it a hobby rather than a chore.

So why jog for health rather than other sports?

  • It burns tons of tough calories
  • It is healthy for your heart and is easier for those with heart and/or lung conditions when compared to something intense like HIIT or running workouts
  • It is easy to do
  • It is fun to do
  • Relaxing and allows for multi-tasking

Those are all fantastic reasons to start jogging. There is no better time than now. Later on, we will discuss how to properly jog and get started on your journey to more health.